“I was skeptical”

My biggest….issue was the trust factor. I liked John when I first met him, I spent time with his team, everybody here was great, I trust everybody, I’ve asked lots of questions, I’ve trusted, but verified the answers on many situations that perhaps I was skeptical about.

“There was no sales pitch”

Everybody here was so professional, there was no sales pitch, there was no, “Hey if you do it today, we’ll give you a better deal tomorrow”. Everything was just top notch. The food was great, the agenda was great, the people were great, the island was great. I couldn’t have asked for more, so I’m heading out of here – definitely moving forward with
the investment in Belize

– Tom – Plano, TX

“I was looking for an educational experience”

I was looking for an educational experience, something that would teach me about investments, condominiums, property, houses, the whole ball of wax because I didn’t know where I fit in the big picture or what I could afford.

Having come down here, I have gotten that education from John Turley and his associates.

“they put no pressure on us to buy anything”

It was well worth the money and well worth the trip. Also, they didn’t make any money off of this and they put no pressure on us to buy anything. I saw that since they invested their money into us, I think that’s a big plus for them, it says a lot about them. So I would recommend them to anybody, I would recommend this trip to anybody, so get on board.

– Steve – Georgetown, TX

belizeinvestmenttour Reviews

“it’s been absolutely awesome”

I think it’s been absolutely awesome. Everything that we had planned, or questions that we had, have been answered. We have a destination future, we know what we need to do going forward, but just the educational value of this was so important to everything that we needed to know.

– Miriam and Mike – Dallas, TX

“I’ve learned more in the last three days”

I’ve been studying Belize for two years and was invited down to participate in Mr. Turley’s three-day, real estate investment educational Investor Tour. I’ve learned more in the last three days than in the last two years of doing research on the internet.

This is a man that really knows the market, knows what the opportunities are going forward, understands that every investor needs a return, and understands the Robert Kiyosaki school of real estate investing.

– John – Pompano Beach, FL

belizeinvestmenttour reviews

“This was not a run and sell kind of deal”

The importance about the John Turley Investor Tour was that this was not a “run and sell” kind of a deal. We were looking for an expert, and certainly John and his team are the experts.

We also had the promise that they weren’t going to try and sell us specific things from their inventory. This was educational and meant to share with us all the things that we should know if we were going to be informed investors or informed retirees

– Mark – Houston, TX

“Definitely the go-to guy in all of Belize”

I did a little bit of research about John Turley and definitely the go-to guy in all of Belize, the expert on the Belize market, hands down. After experiencing his Investor Tour, I was even further convicted and convinced in my decision to invest here in Belize.

“not a selling Investor Tour”

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not a selling Investor Tour, which I’m sure some of you may have experienced in the past, but it really was an excellent market overview of the country, of the political climate, as well as the real estate climate; a lot of different discussions on many different opportunities.

“helped us to identify what is most important to us”

What really impressed me was all the questions that John asked us. He got very specific about our needs and our wants and helped us to identify what is most important to us, and then helped to guide us in the direction regarding specific opportunities or properties that might best suit us and our needs for our family.

“Double Thumbs Up”
“Scale of 1-10 It’s a 12!!”

– Sari – Los Angeles, CA